Sunday, October 04, 2015

Barzona Barzona Cattle:

Barzona B - Low birth weight, problem free calving
Barzona B - Strong instinctive maternal traits
Barzona B - Low input, graze in drought conditions
Barzona B - Adaptable to any environment, from sea to shining sea
Barzona B - And that's no bull!

Barzona Breeders: Grass Fed Beef, Commercial Beef, Bull Genetics/Seedstock, Heifer Genetics/Seedstock

Heifer Genetics/Seedstock

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Adam & Phillip Barnes

Salem, KY

Fall 2014 - 20+ head weaned heifers for sale



Golden H Farms
Alvin & Karen Havens
2429 Orange Ave
Greenfield, Iowa 50849
Fall 2014 - All weaned heifers for sale
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