2017 Annual Convention July 11-13

This year's annual Breeders Convention is being hosted in Montgomery, Alabama by Raymond and Ethel Boykin.  We plan on doing our business topics for the year, looking at the association's progress for the year, and touring the area's local breeders.

TUESDAY JULY 11  6:30 PM Meet at Boykin's home for informal supper.
at 8727 Lydia Lane Montgomery, AL 36117 # 334 430 0563
WED. JULY 12         8:00 AM Meet at Boykin's , short meeting on planned day
                              8:15 Leave house to tour couple of local Barzona Herds
                              12:00 Lunch at Red's Little Red School house
                              1:45 BBAA Business meeting at Boykin's home
                              5:00 Adjourn
                             6:30 Leave Motel to Dinner
THURS.JULY 13       CHECK OUT of Hotel
                              Leave for visits to 2 ranches and then return to Boykin's and
                               finish up business and leave after lunch at Boykin's.

Anyone is welcome to attend, member or not!

Hotel reservations can be made under the Barzona Cattle Association's block until July 3rd.

Comfort Inn Carmichael

5035 Carmichael Rd, Montgomery, AL 36106

Phone: 334-396-6300

Barzona Breeders

Barzona Breeders: Look at our breeders list, and find Barzona cattle near you


These breeders have special operations in producing commercial calves and raise them up to slaughter weight.


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The Complete Story

The Barzona Story.  Click here to find out why and  how the Barzona was developed by the Bard Ranch.


These breeders have special operations that are entirely grass fed.